The hypocrisy of Cameron: pro-Putin Russian oligarchs give millions to Tory Party

This is precisely the phenomenon they told you about in films like Network News (assuming I’ve got the title right) and John Carpenter’s SF treatment of the same subject, They Live. There is no East and West anymore, just the relentless march of capitalists seeking more money by screwing the working and lower middle classes. This isn’t incidental. It’s built in to the very structure of British capitalism. The British financial apparatus is geared to investing in other countries. it doesn’t like investing in the UK, hence the frantic search by the Tories to find foreign buyers and investors in the British industries they want to flog off, like the car industry in Birmingham, Tata Steel and the various utility industries.

It’s also a real and recognise threat to national security. The other week I found a whole book on the topic in the politics section of Waterstones. It’s even been identified as such by the House of Commons itself, in a meeting of one of the committees dedicated to supervising national security. They were concerned about foreign ownership of vital British utilities, like the Chinese constructing the proposed new nuclear power station at Hinckley Point in Somerset.

Way back in the early 18th century, after the English effectively bribed various Scottish MPs to vote in favour of the Act of Union between England and Scotland, one Scots poet bitterly complained of them being ‘a parcel of rogues’. These deserve exactly the same description of them and their betrayal of Britain for their own enrichment: ‘What a parcel of rogues in a nation’.

Pride's Purge

A foreign state openly sponsoring its agents to run around London killing people with radioactive poison seems to be the very definition of state-sponsored terrorism.

So why is Cameron so keen to allow his party to be funded by pro-Putin Russians?

At a Tory Party fundraising dinner not long before the last election, ultra-wealthy Russians were the most representative foreign nationality at the fundraising event.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, here are some of the foreign billionaires who attended the Tory Party party fundraiser in 2014:

And here’s Cameron chatting with Putin allies at a Tory Party fundraiser:

Cameron Russia

Cameron’s also made it possible for rich Russians, as well as Saudis, to come to the UK without even having to have a normal visa – if they are rich enough of…

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