Yesterday’s ‘I’ on Public Trust and Media Bias

The I newspaper yesterday had an article reporting the changes in public trust of the media. It seems that the rich and elite now had more trust in newspapers and television and reporting, while the poor and everyone else had much less. In fact, the level of trust the working and lower middle classes had in the media had fallen.

This little item also showed the supposed independent I’s own bias. For underneath the main article was a piece, whose headline proclaimed that public trust in the media was increasing. When you actually read it, however, it stated that it was only the rich, who were now trusting the media more.

This explains so much. Apart from confirming that the Independent is effectively a Tory paper, despite considerable staff dismay when Lebedov told them to push the Tories at the election, it points to the reason why the rich are now trusting the media, including the Beeb, more. The media has simply become more biased in their favour, as Mike over at Vox Political and other bloggers and have commenters have observed. I speculated in a previous post that the Beeb was becoming even more biased to appeal to the people it considered ‘movers and shakers’, and hang everyone else who didn’t make at least £40K+ a year. Or even £30K. This seems to bear this out. And as they make their own bias and audience preference clear, the masses are drawing their own conclusions and going elsewhere for their news and views.

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One Response to “Yesterday’s ‘I’ on Public Trust and Media Bias”

  1. Michelle Thomasson Says:

    They also all hang out together:

    Their reality bubble is difficult to pop. Here’s a ditty 🙂

    ‘The Status Quo

    Rhetoric is a clever little number,
    it has all those grandiose ideas,
    presented well healed on a silver platter,
    polished with etiquette and a place card for the status quo,
    framed in gilt and heritage, the debate is just for show.

    Can’t possibly have a peaceful, egalitarian, caring society old chap,
    makes it dam difficult to be in control,
    we need fear and exploitation,
    greed and genuflection,
    for competition, competition, competition,
    and the daily grind to sell your soul.

    And if this brought into question,
    that social Darwinism was not the resurrection,
    the proposition will be ridiculed, labelled and disabled,
    there can be no other persuasion,
    than the neoliberal equation,
    equality what a profanity,
    let us keep our harsh, insane reality,
    after all dear, it is the status quo.’

    Michelle Thomasson (13.10.2015)

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