Paris attacks not designated as terrorism by UK government – to save money?

This is a government that seems keen to exploit the emotional impact of the threat of terrorism, while it seems being blithely indifferent to the same threat when it comes to shelling out money. The other day I reblogged a piece from the ‘Gabriel Vents’ blog, where the good Mr Gabriel cast his baleful eye on the recent iniquities of the present government. Amongst the various acts of misgovernment he listed was the way the Conservatives are cutting back on the nuclear police, military police and one of the other police forces at Devonport. So obviously not worried about a terrorist attack on British military installations, or the danger that they could deliberately set off a nuclear disaster. Well, so long as the prevailing wind carries the fallout away from Chipping Norton and Eton, why should Cameron and the rest of the toffs care?

But they do care about profit. Deeply. And from their perspective, the current war on terror is good for business. Hence Cameron has toured Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, selling dictators and despots armaments they don’t need and can’t use. But it makes them rich.


Pride's Purge

A letter has been posted on Facebook revealing the UK Foreign Office has not designated the recent Paris attacks as terrorism – so as to avoid paying out compensation to victims:

letter Paris attacks

Is the UK – apart from ISIS itself – the only state in the world which has not yet decided the Paris attacks were an act of terrorism?

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