Meme on the Good Old Days of Child Labour

This is another meme I found on the Tumblr site, 1000 Natural Shocks.

Meme Child Labour

In Britain, the first steps against child labour in mines and factories was taken by Lord Shaftesbury, who was a Tory. Credit where credit’s due. Philip Blond, Cameron’s mentor, cited him in his book Red Tory, as an example of Conservativism, which benefited the working class. Given the way so much of what he was forecasting about Cameron’s ‘Red’ Toryism has been proven to have been just rhetoric, it’s fair to say that Blond’s book was just propaganda. The Conservatives did pass many laws in the 19th century that benefited the working class, but they’ve always been solidly opposed to trade unions and organised labour. Disraeli told the 19th century Marxist leader, William Hyndeman, flat out that the Tories, business and the aristocracy would resist to the utmost any efforts by the working class to gain concessions for themselves.

So, regardless of what Lord Shaftesbury did, the Tories are trying their best to reintroduce the exploitative employment practices of the 19th century, of which child labour is only the worst and best known.

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4 Responses to “Meme on the Good Old Days of Child Labour”

  1. Michelle Thomasson Says:

    Exploitive practices are already here, if you go to any Citizens Advice you can find people afraid to lose their jobs but need advice on how to deal with small and large traders paying them less than the minimum wage and offering no contract except the threat of being sent home if not constantly seen to be working and having to go 6 hours without a break for a drink in hot working conditions (the standard time now for adults in modern ‘decent’ Britain). It’s alive and well in Gloucestershire, I have experienced it myself and have the wage slips to prove it!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Unfortunately, I can very well believe that. It’s doubtless why the government is trying to cut funding to the Citizens Advice Bureaux, quite apart from the massive workload the bureaux are also getting from people sanctioned and humiliated by the Jobcentre.

      • Michelle Thomasson Says:

        Yes, and a double whammy if trying to defend yourself via the legal route, so many cuts. A lovely lady I know who works on distressing cases in the local courts now has to travel quite a distance to be with colleagues because the local offices and magistrate support services have been closed. That’s less support for the public and less support for the staff trying to help the public.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Everything about the situation you’ve described tells me that the government really is trying to put justice far beyond the reach of anybody except the rich. Especially as they cut legal aid. To be fair to the legal profession, they have demonstrated against this and lodged complaints, but Chris Grayling and the rest of them just went ahead regardless. So much for the provision in Magna Carta about not selling, delaying or denying justice. No wonder the Tories have repealed it.

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