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Gabriel here gives an accurate description of the antics of Hilary Benn, the media and the Conservatives in trying to run down Jeremy Corbyn, as well as the country as a whole. He spices his description of the deliberate and malign maladministration of the country with a few choice Yiddish words. One of the terms he’s used in a separate post about the government is ‘gonav’, which looking through one of the dictionaries of slang I’ve got around here, is the Yiddish word for ‘thief’. So, strong language, yes, but accurate.
He covers the Tories plans to run down even more of the benefits system, and the gaping black hole in the NHS budget that they have created. This isn’t an accident, either. It’s an artificially created financial crisis by those, like Jeremy Hunt, who want to see it privatised.

One of the most interesting pieces here is the Tories’ contradictory attitude towards the terrorist threat. At the same time that they’re yelling at us to be ever vigilant for Islamist terrorists, they’re cutting back on the police force. Which suggests that despite the rhetoric, they don’t consider terrorism quite the threat they make it out to be. Or perhaps they simply don’t take it seriously if it happens to anybody apart from them.

And then there’s the hypocrisy of Osbo waxing lyrical about the wonders of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Now I agree – the hospital is wonderful. Perhaps that’s why it’s in the ‘I’ today, in specials which appear to be a veiled appeal for money. Osborne admires its work, but like the police, not enough to give it proper funding.

Gabriel Vents

Much has been made of the ‘electrifying’ speech of posturing nebbish Hilary Benn, with many media articles, suggesting even that Benn could take over from JC as party leader, this will never happen. Only JC has forward momentum. JC has been sensible and consolidated his position, so now nothing will unseat him, not even the raging pisk Michael Dugher. Many people are giving advice to JC on what he should do, Chessum says that the Left must have patience: “While Labour’s right wing kicks and screams, and briefs every corner of the press, the activist left within the party must simply go about their business calmly and respectfully, reach out face-to-face to the wider public, and wait for the exorcism to pass.” Fantastic OJ talks about the impossibility of constructive criticism from the so-called ‘free’ press. Bienkov predicts confrontation or resolution. “Most of the coverage of the Labour party exaggerates…

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