Hope Not Hate’s Top Ten Fascist Turkeys

Just before Christmas, Hope Not Hate, the anti-Fascist, anti-religious extremist magazine published their list of Christmas turkeys. These were the top ten Fascists, who had done so much to destroy to destroy the British Far Right fringe with their own incompetence and massive stupidity. It’s a black comedy, considering that these people are violent racists, who have led bloody attacks on left-wingers, Blacks, Asians, gays and now increasingly Muslims. But these idiots are also something of a laughing stock, and deserve all the mockery and ridicule they get.


The first on the list, at number ten, is Andrew Brons. Brons was the leader of the Strasserite wing of the National Front. Like many of the above ‘national revolutionaries’, he’s also had run-ins with Britain’s finest. He got into Private Eye when he was campaigning a few years ago, which reminded everyone of an incident in the early ’70s. Brons had been in Birmingham with another member of the Aryan Herrenvolk screaming slogans in Nazi uniform. One of Birmingham’s finest, who had an Asian surname, came up to him to have a word and tell him to decease. Brons immediately had the affrontery to hide behind British freedom of speech, and inform the rozzer that he didn’t expect the cop to understand that, because he came from an inferior race.

It’s a bizarre and hypocritical defence, considering that Fascists don’t believe in freedom of speech, along with irritating other little bits like democracy, the rule of law, the right to a fair trial and so on. I think the cop had a better understanding of it all than he did. I can’t quite remember the rest of the tale, but I got the impression that the rest of the conversation probably took place at the police station.

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