Cartoons Against Police Shooting of Blacks

These are a couple of cartoons I came across on 1000 Natural Shocks (over 18s only), bitterly satirising the way American police shoot and kill Blacks unnecessarily. The first is a response to the shooting of a young Black man in Chicago, and the second a more general reaction to the problem. Many of the victims were unarmed, or were actually walking away when they were shot. Some seem to have been killed simply because they talked back to the officer, who responded violently. This situation escalated under the officer pulled his gun and shot his victim.

Lethal Police Cartoon

Surviving Police Cartoon

I’m reblogging these because the Tories are considering arming the police, supposedly to protect us against a terror attack by allowing them to respond immediately, instead of waiting for the armed police units to arrive. There have already been incidents in Britain where the police have shot and killed innocent people, as I’ve pointed out in my last post. This will only increase the problem, till it reaches a crisis, as in America now.

And the presence of armed police on duty against terrorists has already resulted in the death of an innocent man. This was Jean Charles Menezes, the Brazilian student, who was gunned down by the police in London after he was mistaken for an Islamist terrorist. And this was done by supposedly highly trained and responsible police officers. Arming the ordinary police in preparation for suspected terrorist attacks will just make the deaths of innocents like Senhor Menezes more likely.

And it will increase Muslim disaffection. A few years ago, someone wrote a piece in the Independent arguing that the 1980 riots that broke out up and down Britain were not generally about race, but were ‘local insurrections against the police’. This is also true, though much of the rioting was motivated by racial tension. St Pauls in Bristol was one of the areas hit. It’s an area with a highly ethnically mixed population, including Blacks, Whites and Asians. It was a high crime area suffering from high unemployment, and there was a very heavy police presence. One Black resident of the area has said in a piece in one of the papers that there was a feeling at the time that ‘the police were occupying St Paul’s’.

Now consider the immense disaffection that would similarly break out if armed police start patrolling majority Black or Muslim areas. It’ll lead to similar feeling that the police are ‘occupying’ those areas, and drive some, perhaps only a minority, but certainly some, into the arms of the extremists.

We cannot allow this. Good policing is done by consent, not just armed force. And the latter should always be the last resort.

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