Lobster: Saudis Wreck American Fracking Industry; No Retaliation from Americans

I found this little piece under the headline ‘Pentagonism’ on the ‘View from the Bridge’ page at Lobster, no. 71.

What is it with the American state and Saudi Arabia? Bin Laden is a Saudi, the 9/11 gang were almost all Saudis, the
operation was funded by Saudi money and Saudi money is spreading their particular version of fundamentalist Islam
around the world.29 And if that wasn’t enough, just when the US was on the way to becoming self-sufficient in oil through domestic shale, the Saudis deliberately increased oil production, halving the world price of crude, making many of the American shale operations uneconomic. About half of all the US shale operations are now idle.30 Is the Saudi regime now on the US shit-list for this act of economic warfare? Apparently not. Why? The answer, I have to assume, is arms sales. Saudi Arabia has been the number one purchaser of US arms for the last half century.31 (The thought does occur that since this Saudi connection is the aspect of 9/11 the deep and surface US states have suppressed, all the ‘9-11 truther’ activities will be rather welcome distractions to them.)

See http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster71/lob71-view-from-the-bridge.pdf.

My guess is that too much American money is also wrapped up in Saudi oil. The big oil company there is Aramco, which is a contraction of Arab-American Company. And it’s big oil that donates money to fund politicians’ careers in the hope of getting very handsome subsidies from the American taxpayer.

This also raises serious questions about the Tories’ proposals to wreck the country with fracking. If it’s uneconomical in America, it’s uneconomical over here. Yet still they want to try it. These people ain’t rational, and there’s something deliberately perverse in their campaign to wreck the environment for other people. All in the name of business £££profit, of course.

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