Financial Expert Martin Lewis to Challenge Osborne on Student Loans

This is interesting. There’s a piece in today’s I newspaper reporting that the financial expert Martin Lewis is preparing to issue a legal challenge to the government over the age at which former students must begin repaying their student loans. The I reports

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has hired lawyers to challenge student loan repayment rules. George Osborne froze the salary at which graduates must start repaying at £21,000 until 2021 despite promises it would be increased in line with earnings from 2017. Mr Lewis will try to overturn this.

I think Lewis has his own show on ITV. Ideally, the whole rotten system of student fees and loans ought to be scrapped, but I can’t see any government actually having the guts to do this. Not after Bliar and Cameron have done their level best to make higher education a fully fee-paying industry, with all the advantages that brings to the financial sector. But it’s a start.

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2 Responses to “Financial Expert Martin Lewis to Challenge Osborne on Student Loans”

  1. Financial Expert Martin Lewis to Challenge Osborne on Student Loans | Beastrabban’s Weblog | sdbast Says:

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  2. Catherine Mercer Says:

    I think he should challenge him on breaching the original agreement that students now graduates originally signed pre 2017 under the consumer credit act as he has breached the previous labour government’s original agreement that was signed before this conservative government came into power as he is blacklisting students from gaining credit elsewhere afterward, this is solely defamation of character. In fact Greg Hands should also be taken to court for introducing wanking banking ways and the City of London, Financial Sector should be shown up for what they are, poor financial policies as this is under the sale of good act and a breach of the trade descriptions act because what they’re selling is not true and they know it. This is more than selling students and potential students down the river. This will in fact lead to a bad credit reference and this credit reference agencies should also be struck off. Let’s wipe out the shite in London as they know what they are doing is wrong. it’s time to jail these fuckers for as long as possible and from the future any financial institution that goes under should be allowed to end up in administration and then if not wound up. It’s time the people who makes these decisions should be held to account and struck off permanently. let’s do to these people what they do to businesses and individuals. It’s time to bring back cash in for those who want to use it and dump the bit of plastic.

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