Moves for Texas to Secede from the US Goes Ahead in Texas Legislature

This is The Young Turks’ report and comment on the news that the proposal that Texas should secede from the USA has passed the preliminary proceedings. It was sponsored by the Repug’s Tanya Robertson. Here the Turks’ anchor, Cenk Uygur, calls it what it is: treason.

I’m not surprised that some Texans want to secede for the US. Elements of the American right have been screaming for years that President Obama is a Nazi-Communist-Muslim terrorist, who wants to establish a Socialist dictatorship in their country, and have been demanding that the only alternative is to secede. The TYT reported six months ago that some Texans were afraid that the American military was planning to invade their state after the US army started doing manoeuvres on the border. They promised that if America did invade, they would be met by determined resistance.

This is despite the fact that Texas is part of America. Here’s that report.

This is bearing out something else that The Turks also reported: that in Norway, ‘Texas’, or ‘helt Texas’, is a slang term meaning ‘bonkers’.

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