Trump Too Much Even for the American Eagle

Apart from causing widespread disgust with his racist proposal to ban all Muslims from the US, which was too much even for the Repugs, Trump has also managed to upset that most majestic of America’s wildlife, the bald eagle. He was trying to pose with one during a photoshoot for Time magazine’s ‘person of the year’ awards. He’s annoyed he didn’t get the award, as it went to Angela Merkel instead. And the eagle wasn’t too keen to be seen with him either, as this video shows.

I’ve also seen this as a gif on 1000 Natural Shocks (over 18 site), with the note: Go on, eat that ****ing muskrat on his head.

Some people would also take the fact that the eagle, one of the most venerable symbols of America, doesn’t want to have anything to do with him as an omen and message from the gods.

Donald Trump: So toxic even raptors don’t want to have anything to do with him.

And others have also expressed their dislike of Trump in the same way Voltaire did when he wrote to a critic, ‘Sir, I have your letter in front of me. I am in the privy. Soon it will be behind me.’

Trump Toilet Paper

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