School Student Ruby Hill Organises Anti-Bombing March in Bristol

Points West, the local news programme for the Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire, has just reported a march by young people in the Bristol against bombing of Syria. I think the march is happening right now, as it was definitely early evening with a black sky. The marchers were walking down Park Street in a crowd, the Beeb’s reporter estimated numbered 600. He said it was remarkable, as it was organised by 16-17 year old school students on social media. He then interviewed one of them, Ruby Hill. She stated that they organised it because young people of that age group don’t have a voice. He asked her whether it was pointless, as the decision had already been made. She replied that she didn’t think so, as if politicians really are for the people, as all parties claim, then they should take notice.

It’s an inspiring sight, and I think Ms Hill and her friends and colleagues are to be absolutely congratulated on organising the march. She’s right about the disconnection many young people feel about politics. They don’t have a voice, but the government has made major decisions affecting their future. Like introducing and raising university tuition fees. Sixteen-seventeen is about the age many young people become seriously interested in politics. I can remember that when I was in the Sixth Form all that long ago, one of the additional studies we had to do was ‘topical issues’. This was usually held on a Wednesday afternoon, and involved debating some issue of the day with the teacher. The point was not to indoctrinate us – this was made very clear at the very beginning of the lessons, but just to get us into the habit of carefully thinking about issues in order to prepare us for the civic responsibility as future citizens. The school also encouraged us to watch the news and take notice of political events.

And some of those students may well have personal reasons to be worried. In a year or two they will be 18, by which time Cameron may well decide that really, conscription is the only way to contain the terrorist threat, just like the Americans did in Vietnam. And like Vietnam, we risk losing our young people in a pointless imperial war.

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    Very inspiring! If only politicians were listening…

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