George Osborne rejects free Christmas gift of solar panels – calls police

There’s a very long article to be written about the inherent contradictions in Tory hostility to renewables and clean energy. It’s probably safe to say that their opposition to solar power has absolutely nothing to do with its alleged economic demerits, and far more to do with the immense power of the oil companies and the way they have got our politicians, and particularly American politicians, wrapped right around their little fingers.

Osbo plainly could not be seen to accept them, as if he did so, he would be tacitly admitting that his opposition to them is baseless. So he has to refuse them. But being a Tory he can’t simply do that with good grace. No! He has to go berserk and call the police, because the cheek of it! The peasants have dared to criticise his policy! I bet they didn’t even touch their forelocks.

Pride's Purge

josie long

So much for Cameron’s “greenest government ever“.

George Osborne’s staff at his constituency office in Tatton this morning called the police after comedian Josie Long and a solar installation team – on behalf of carbon-cutting charity 10:10 – tried to deliver an early Christmas present of free solar panels to him.

Josie and her team tried to explain the panels were a gift that would not only save the local Conservative party money on their energy bills, but even generate income through the feed-in tariff as well as help the country to meet its climate change targets.

In reply, Osborne’s staff summoned the police.

Josie Long:

“We did our best to bring some sunshine into George Osborne’s life this morning, but he didn’t want it. It just seems a bit odd.”

Josie has now offered the free panels to Boris Johnson.

Awaiting his response…

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