PC Peach’s Arrest Report

I found this little bit over on Tumblr. It’s the arrest report for PC Peach. As you can see, PC Peach is a police dog, and this got his two handlers into trouble.

The dog caught a villain, and the two policemen with it duly filled out the appropriate paperwork, putting down that the arrest was made by Peach. Their superiors told them that their reports only weren’t adequate, and that they needed Peach’s report as well as the arresting officer. I’ve got a feeling they tried to tell their commanders that Peach was a dog, but they didn’t believe them.

So they produced the report below on behalf of PC Peach, and got reprimanded. It seems the higher ranks of the police force don’t have a sense of humour, even when the cops do.

Pc Peach Report

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2 Responses to “PC Peach’s Arrest Report”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Nice one beast, I have never trusted the police, if the law firm I have contacted can take my case I may be suing the police and the social services (SS) and I will be getting legal aid!

  2. Joanna Says:

    Hi Beast I found this after watching something about the “Mob”


    I’m sorry I realise this might be off topic but I wish there would be politicians like this Man!

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