Bindlestiff Osborne to Take Money from Charities and Foodbanks

Osbo’s campaign to rob the poor to give to the rich continues.

Mike over at Vox Political has this story about a report in the Sunday People that George Osborne intends to take £320 million from the National Lottery in order to balance his budget. This is money that’s supposed to be spent on charities, including foodbanks.

Just when you thought the Tories really couldn’t go any lower, somehow they manage to do so. Of course, the Tories are suspicious of and despise food banks, because they give an independent sign of how people are being forced into poverty by their policies. Hence all the attempts to shrug off their massive growth with the lie that people aren’t really starving, they’re just going to them out of choice to get cheap food. Even when this is refuted by the facts, one of which is that you need to be referred by the Jobcentre before you can go there.

I’m going to have to get out my dictionaries of historical and criminal slang, as I’m pretty sure there was a slang term long ago for the kind of knave, who robbed beggars. At the moment all I can think of is ‘bindlestiff’. This is American hobo slang for a tramp, who preys on other tramps. It’s just about as low as you can get. It’s not quite right, as Osbo is the scion of the Baronet of Ballymoney, so definitely not a vagrant, however much his victims may hope that he may be bankrupted and forced out onto the streets as so many others have been due to his wretched policies. But this will have to do for the moment.

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