Tumblr Piccies for Paris

The world was shocked and outraged by the terrorist atrocities on Friday that have left 129 people dead. The massacres have not only been condemned by Western leaders, but also by Hamas and Iran. It’s fair to say that these last aren’t generally associated with a hostile attitude towards terrorism. Such is the repugnance that the world has felt at the butchery committed by these murderers.

Tonight at the England vs France footie the Marseillaise will be played to show Britain’s solidarity with our friends and partner across le Manche. The other day I found a couple of pictures from one of the sites on Tumblr which express my feeling about this. One of these comes from the Palestinians, which is extremely interesting given the tense and frequently violent relationship between them and Netanyahu’s Israeli government.

Peace for France

Palestinians For Paris

ISIS have shown themselves to be completely repugnant to both Western and Islamic governments. I really believe that, with wisdom and vision, the leaders on both sides can unite against terrorist thugs like ISIS, and with real determination lay the foundations for a better future in which no one need live in fear from such enormities.

Unfortunately, this may take real statesmanship.
And instead we’ve got Cameron.
Nevertheless, I live in hope.

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