Nicky Morgan Lies about the Privatisation of Education. Again.

Tory Lies Drawing

Last week I posted up the article in this fortnight’s Private Eye attacking the government’s plans to neuter the Freedom of Information Act. That same issue also carries another article, Academy Schools: Morgan’s Meanies, attacking the education for minister for her lies about campaigners against the government’s policy of transforming state schools into academies. According to the article, she branded them ‘enemies’, and has accused them of unscrupulous tactics, spreading malicious rumours and threatening parents in favour of academy schooling in a press release entitled “Headteachers hit back at enemies of academies”.

This is Nicky Morgan, and so the truth is more likely to be 180 degrees opposed to what she actually says. The article points out that none of the ‘head teachers’ in the press release are head masters or mistresses. They’re actually the heads of the private education firms, hoping to win contracts to take over their management.

Of course, it shouldn’t be remotely surprising that Morgan takes such as lax attitude to the truth. Cameron’s government has shown itself to be persistently mendacious. It’s response to unwelcome facts or opposition is either to try and suppress them – hence the attempts to close down the Freedom of Information Act, and the consistent branding of those putting in requests for information on the government’s slaughter of the disabled under the guise of welfare reform as ‘vexatious’, or to lie. When one of the Beeb’s presenters on breakfast TV asked Morgan about the number of academies, which had to be taken back into state management, Morgan failed to acknowledge, let along reply to the question. Instead she continued to prate about how private management would raise standards, and how blocking such privatisation was harming schools. State, the interviewer, tried several times, each time getting nowhere. Eventually he ended it with ‘You know how many.’

She does. It’s 25. The whole policy is a wretched failure. However, it’s a highly lucrative failure for the Tory backers, who wish to see state education privatised completely, hankering after the days when the middle classes sent their children to grammar schools, while the proles could be confined to the secondary moderns.

But they can’t admit that, of course. And so we get Tricky Nicky Morgan lying about how beneficial academies are, and ascribing all kinds of dirty tricks to their opponents. This really is a government that could give lessons in lying and duplicity to Richard Nixon.

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