The real “constitutional crisis” is Chris Grayling’s despotic tendencies and his undermining of the Rule of Law

I’ve already reblogged a piece by Mike over at Vox Political on Grayling’s attempt to muzzle the Freedom of Information Act. Because people were misusing it by getting information in order to challenge the government, rather than meekly accepting what the government was doing and trying to understand why. This piece provides further background to Grayling and the way the Tories have a history of previous offences in their attempts to violate the British constitutions. They’ve quietly amended the Ministerial Code, tried to exempt themselves and Britain from international law, and scrapped the watchdog that oversees constitutional reform. As well as ending judicial review, and reforming legal aid, so that millions can’t get it.
What is interesting is that Lord Pannick QC and Lord Monkton of the House of Lords group investigating the Tories’ constitutional reforms have both condemned them. This adds a bit more information into their motivations for attacking the House of Lords. It’s not just about tax credits. It’s because the Lords are performing their task of being a constitutional check, and Cameron just can’t stand it.

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We have been hearing justifications for grotesquely unfair policies from the Conservatives a lot recently based on a claim that “we have a clear mandate to do this.” The concept of a government having a legitimate mandate to govern via the fair winning of a democratic election is a central component of representative democracy. However, new governments who attempt to introduce policies that they did not make explicit and public during an election campaign are said to not have a legitimate mandate to implement such policies.

Most of you will immediately think of the recent debates regarding the tax credit cuts, and the authoritarian threats to stifle legitimate criticism of government policies, but this is just the tip of a very deeply submerged iceberg.

I am currently researching an article about the hatchet man of justice, Chris Grayling’s recent signaling of a crackdown on what he calls the…

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