Vox Political: Nicky Morgan Needs to Send Teachers to Failing Free Schools, Not State

Another very interesting piece from Mike over at Vox Political. Nicky Morgan, Cameron’s education secretary, has announced that the government is launching the next phase of its education reforms. They are going to send teachers into failing schools to raise their standards. This includes schools in ‘coastal areas’.

Now schools on the coast don’t exactly strike you as the quintessential example of a struggling school. You’re more likely to think of one in the inner cities, especially those areas with high unemployment, crime and drug rates, and where many of the pupils are the children of immigrants, who speak English as a second language.

On the other hand, I have heard some real horror stories about some of the more deprived communities on the British coast, even in the relatively affluent south, which seem more like something from Royston Vesey from the League of Gentlemen.

Morgan would like us all to believe that failing schools are all state controlled, but the reality is that most failing schools are free schools or academies. See the piccie below.

Failing Free Schools Pic

Mike’s story’s at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/11/03/thicky-nicky-elite-teachers-plan-should-be-for-the-disaster-that-is-free-schools/ Go there for further grim details.

There was a very interesting moment when Thicky Nicky was being interviewed on BBC breakfast television by Jonathan Stayt (if I’ve got his name right). She was giving a spiel about how the Tories were determined to raise standards in education by allowing more schools to opt out of the state sector. Stayt then asked her how many schools had been taken back into state control after failing miserably as free schools.

She didn’t answer.

He asked again.

She still didn’t answer.

He kept asking, and didn’t receive a reply, and eventually gave up with the words, ‘You know how many’.

It was 25. At least. Thicky Nicky’s stupid, but not so stupid as to give the game away, and talk herself out of a job.

This isn’t about raising standards, but about privatising education by the back door. And one of those hoping to get his corporate foot in is that famous Australian intellectual and educationalist, Rupert Murdoch. At least when the Monster Raving Loony Party declared that if they got into government, they’d make Oliver Reed minister for culture, you knew it was a joke.

Unfortunately, the Tories and the Dirty Digger are serious. And everyone else’s education is going to suffer as a consequence.

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