Vox Political: Government Refusing to Release Report into Badger Cull

Mike over at Vox Political has an article on a story in today’s Independent that Cameron and co. are refusing to release a report showing whether or not the badger cull has been money well spent. Mike’s article is at

I think it’s probably fair to say that this is a tacit admission that it hasn’t. If it had been any good, the government would have had absolutely no problem whatsoever with releasing the report. Indeed, they’d be shouting from the rooftops about how it supports their policy.

As with the figures for human deaths caused by Ian Duncan Smith’s attack on the welfare state, it’s obviously a real embarrassment for them. They aren’t going to release it, and not to a group campaigning on behalf of badgers. This would not suit Chris Grayling’s idea that somehow, government documents should only be released to the appreciative few, who merely want to know how government decisions are taken, rather than criticise them.

There are so many of these stories, about reports being suppressed and information not given to members of the public, who have requested it under FOIA, that frankly I think I should have a special symbol for stories on Tory governmental secrecy. A governmental gag, perhaps?

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