Vox Political: MPs Have Not Donated Pay Rise to Charity

Here’s another scandal Vox Political has covered, this time revealed by the Torygraph. According to Mike’s article MPs fail to give £7k pay rises to charity, the Torygraph has found that two thirds of the 69 MPs, who promised to donate their pay rise to charity, haven’t done so.

Quelle surprise!

You would have thought, however, that a few more might have been careful to make sure they made good on their promises. After all, the scandal over MP’s fraudulent expenses may have been about ten years ago, but it’s still very much in the public consciousness. This is exactly the kind of thing that gives politicians a bad name.

It’s also an insult to everyone else, who has been told that their wages are frozen, or that at the most they’ll get a 1 per cent pay rise this year, because of the need to curb inflation. Or some such drivel. One set of standards for you, another set for MPs.

I’ve no doubt that the Torygraph has published this, because they sense they can get another expenses-style scandal out of it. I hope they’re right. Just as I hope a similar scandal will descend on all the directors and CEOs, who have awarded themselves truly wallet-busting pay rises while their workers are lectured on wage restraint.

But that isn’t going to happen, because it’s far too close to home. The Torygraph hasn’t got its nickname for no reason.

In the meantime, the mendacity and greed of these MPs just makes those MPs, who have kept their promise, look even better. I still don’t think MPs should have received such an enormous pay rise while the rest of the country starves. I do, however, salute those MPs, who have given their raise to charity.

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