20 Million Hours Of Forced Unpaid Labour: How Much Lower Can So-Called Charities Sink?

This is another important exposure of the workfare industry by Johnny Void. He reveals just how valuable the Community Work Placements are to George Osborne’s backers in big business. 25,000 people have been placed on them since they were unrolled, and the scheme has saved business a whopping £130 million in wages. Those on the scheme can be forced to work far longer than criminals sentenced to community service. The penalty for not going on one of these is sanctions – the complete stoppage of one’s benefit, which has led to deaths. Johnny Void also reports that workfare schemes are so unpopular that many firms, such as Sue Ryder, vocally distance themselves from it. It’s interesting that one of the aspects of the recycling ‘charity’ that Mike over on his blog identified as a possible workhouse was the fact that it supplied workfare-style labour to other firms. One of the commenters to Mike’s blog was so concerned about this, that she prompted the finance officer at the local council to investigate it. Johnny Void here points out that many of the ‘charities’ that use workfare are also recycling companies.

My reblog of Mike’s article yesterday prompted a series of comments from an embittered New Labourite, who supported such private-public partnerships and who hated Jeremy Corbyn. He maintained that as someone who had previously been a work coach, he knew from talking to the homeless exactly what they needed. And so he vociferously approved of the firm Mike had blogged against and similar ventures.

This is indirect contrast to the information presented by Mr Void. Mr Void has blogged extensively on the needs of the homeless and the unemployed, which are very much in opposition to the ‘tough love’ now being advocated by homelessness charities hoping to enrich themselves at the expense of both the public and the very people they claim to represent. I don’t know Mr Void’s background, but he seems to have considerable personal experience in this area. I therefore recommend that if you want a good account of the reality of the exploitation of the poorest sections of society without corporate lies and doubletalk, you read him.

the void

ymca-no-payThe DWP have finally released some information on the performance of Community Work Placements, the mass workfare scheme first announced by George Osborne way back at the 2013 Tory Party conference.

The placements were finally launched in 2014 and require unemployed people to carry out six month’s unpaid work under the threat of brutal benefit sanctions – benefit sanction that are known to kill.  This work must be with a charity or a company which offers a ‘community benefit’.  In reality this has meant many people working unpaid for private, profit making companies who can claim to be a bit green or environmentally friendly, such as recycling businesses.  Many others have been sent to work in charity shops.

Despite the scheme having been in operation for over 18 months, the DWP are not telling us whether anyone has successfully found real work as a result of their placement.  This is…

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