More Lies from Osborne – ‘We’re Working for a High Wage Economy’

Is George Osborne capable of uttering even one sentence without lying? From the evidence presented on last night’s news, it appears he finds even this basic exercise in honesty difficult. Osbo and the Tories are furious that the Lords had the temerity to throw out their cut in tax credits for the low paid. In an interview on the Beeb’s Six O’clock news last night, Osbo sought to reassure working Britain his plan to make the poor pay more tax so the rich don’t have to was right and good. During his spiel he mouthed this sentence

‘We’re working for a low-welfare, high-pay economy’.

This is clearly a half-truth, if not in part an outright lie. Yes, it’s true they’re working for a low welfare society. They’ve cut benefits left, right and centre, making the poor even poorer and driving many into poverty and destitution. But a high pay economy? Really?

No. Not really. Not at all. The Tories have been urging wage restraint since before Thatcher’s time. It’s following the great Tory idol that they and the Blairites have adopted a policy of keeping wages at or below the rate of inflation. The only time they got close to advocating high wages was when the election was looming, and Cameron went around telling employers to pay their workers more. This vanished shortly after they won, and in any case, the employers comprehensively ignored it. They never meant it in the first place, though I don’t doubt that it’ll be swallowed hook, line and sinker by the people who read the Sun, Sport and Express.

In the meantime, the Tories will just keep lying to us. I’d say that the mendacity of this government is truly astonishing, but the sheer level of lying done by them has exceeded my boggle factor, so that nothing they do now surprises me. Disgusts and appals, but not surprises.

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