The Relative Sizes of the American Welfare Budget Compared to State Support of the Corporate Rich

One of the American radical, underground presses published a book back in the ’90s called Take the Rich off Welfare. The book’s argument was that if America had any spending problems, it wasn’t due to welfare payments to the poor, but to the rich, who obviously don’t need them. As you can see, the American corporate rich get trillions through government subsidies, tax cuts and so on. The rich, however, in their turn spend millions, if not billions annual subsidizing politicians and promoting the message that government spending on the poor is somehow a threat to the economy. It isn’t, but is only a threat to their power to treat the poor and lower middle class with complete contempt, and exploit them.

I found this diagram of the relative sizes of the American welfare budget, and the largesse doled out to the rich and their corporations, like Donald Trump.

Corporate Welfare versus People's Welfare

As you can see, that’s a massive difference. It’s even bigger if you take into account that most Western welfare expenditure goes on pensions. The actual amount spent on the poor, on unemployment payments, becomes trivial.

This is America Reagan helped to create, and the Britain Maggie and her followers, including Bliar and Cameron, are creating.

There’s an old quote, ‘A Conservative is someone who believes in a fairer deal for the rich’. That’s exactly true: of Reagan, of Maggie, of Blair, and particularly Cameron, IDS and their party of corporate jackals. And it means poverty for everyone else.

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