Black Cap Occupied, Camden Is Rising, Thank Fuck For The Fuck Parade

Mr Void here reports the plans for yet another demonstration, this time against the gentrification of working class and marginalised, ‘bohemian’ areas in London, which are forcing out their historic, traditional residents. It’s based on the ‘F*ck Parade’ in Berlin, which was a mass protest against the social cleansing in that great city of its poor and marginal residents in favour of the rich. Class War are holding a similar even in Camden on July 11th. Mr Void also states that this protest is intended to be fun, as it is through this that the necessary energy and enthusiasm can be retained to carry on the protests and demonstrations against the government and its cuts.

the void


Politics doesn’t have to be boring.  It doesn’t have to be endless A to B marches, dreary rallies full of power-hungry hasbeens or soulless celebrity benefit gigs that cost half a giro just for a ticket.

That’s not to say it’s always going to a barrel of fucking laughs.  Standing outside a Maximus assessment centre with a banner in the freezing cold or getting up at 5am to join a picket line is desperately important.  But a political movement that does not inspire or exhilarate will eventually run out of steam.  And the bastards are not going away any time soon.  We must not run out of steam.

Sometimes, by defying their rules, and acting collectively, we get to see a glimpse of what our lives could really be like – and that is a world worth fighting for.  We should chase those moments because they provide the strength to…

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