The Worst Of Margaret Thatcher Meets The Worst Of Tony Blair, We Need To Fight These Bastards Like Never Before

Johnny Void here urges that the real, brutal oppression that will be introduced by this Tory government means that people need to get involved in a comprehensive campaign of protests, demonstrations strikes and general civil disobedience if we are to retain even a semblance of decent, civil society. He points out that that the Tories are creating a Britain, where a diabetic man died because he could not afford to heat his insulin, and the poor or being socially cleansed from areas of London, pushed out in favour of the rich. The government also intends virtually to ban strikes and round up dissenters, even if they have actually done nothing wrong under the law. He points out that Cameron’s government combines the worst of Thatcher’s ideology of greed with Blair’s concern for absolute control. He also points out that most people did not vote Tory, and the Votes for UKIP, the Greens and SNP did so as a protest against the present parties. He believes that the rise in UKIP was not accompanied by an increase in racism. He also places the excesses of the current Tory administration in its historical context. It’s part of the centuries long oppression of the poor by the aristocratic elite, beginning with the enclosures, the rise of the highly exploitative factory system in the 19th century, and the wars fought by the working class to increase the profits and wealth of the rich.

He provides links to further information about forthcoming protests in Glasgow, Peterborough, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Winchester, Newcastle and Leeds. There is also a link for information about other protests Class War and the National Coalition Against Fees and Cuts have called for on May 27th, and a protest by UK Uncut on May 30th. This is the day Cameron hopes he will repeal the human rights act. Mr Void also states that there is another demonstration planned in the City of London on the 20th June.

Johnny Void is right about voters turning to UKIP, the Greens and SNP to protest against the mainstream parties. UKIP are a nasty, bigoted, racist party, but most people, who voted for them in the parts of Bristol nearest me – Hengrove – did so out of fear of losing their jobs, not because they were afraid of Blacks, Asians and Eastern Europeans. Similarly, many of those, who voted for the SNP in Scotland did so, not because they hate the English or wish to leave the UK entirely, but because the SNP offered a far better welfare programme than Labour.

And Cameron is certainly a totalitarian. The fact that his government has already set up ‘secret courts’, like those in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Stalinist Russia, should deeply concern everyone seriously concerned with defending this country’s traditional freedoms. He intends to scrap the Human Rights act, partly because so much of it conflicts with the way his government crushes, degrades and kills the poor and disabled. He wishes to destroy the welfare state entirely, and leave nothing but a sham, a façade of democracy to disguise his government’s highly authoritarian nature.

It’s definitely time he was stopped, and the traditional parties of the left need to be shown that, whatever Blair said or believes, the mass of citizens in this country do not support the ‘aspirational’ politics of selling off everything for the benefit of rich, whilst denying the poor the help they need simply to keep body and soul together.

the void

five-more-years-no-wayWhen the richest 20% of people vote to attack the poorest 20% – a crude but not unfair summary of what just happened in the election – then any talk of democratic mandates or majorities is redundant.  What we are left with instead is human decency – do we want to live in a society where diabetics die because they cannot afford the electricity to chill their medicine?  Or where children are socially cleansed away from their schools, friends and families because neither benefits or wages are enough to pay soaring rents?

Do we want to live in a country where strikes are virtually banned, or where dissidents can be targetted by the full force of the state even when they have committed no crime?  And if anyone complains they will be smeared as thugs by the bullying right wing press and told they have no right to protest? …

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