Priti Patel Appointed Minister Of Death At The DWP

Johnny Void presents a chilling summary of the vile career of Priti Patel. Patel has been the post of Employment Minister, to replace the equally disgusting Esther McVile.

As Mr Void points out, Patel was one of the five Tories, who wrote Britannia Unchained, a nasty tract castigating British workers for being too idle. They recommended instead that we should emulate the emerging Asian economies, where workers are paid a pittance, and have few, if any, employment rights.

Mr Void gives a bit more information on her past, which may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Like she’s a supporter of bring back the death penalty. She was also linked to British American Tobacco’s ‘Project Sunrise’, smearing anti-smoking groups as extremists.

She also worked for Diageo, whose charity, Tomorrow’s People, expected their unpaid workers to sleep under bridges during the work they were given for the Queen’s celebrations.

As Mr Void points out, this advocate of lies, exploitation and death is now responsible for benefit sanctions and sickness benefit assessment. Expect the further murder of the poor, the sick and the disabled, all in the name of corporate profit.

the void

priti-deathPriti Patel, staunch supporter of the death penalty, will replace unemployed former Employment Minister Esther Mcvey it has been announced today.  Patel has previously said that she supports the reintroduction of capital punishment as a ‘deterrence’, although she would not say whether she preferred hanging or electrocution.  Wanting to bring back state executions is only half the story of her malevolent past however.

Prior to becoming an MP, she worked as a public relations advisor to British American Tobacco, where she was linked to the sinister ‘Project Sunrise’.  This is believed to be part of the initiative established by cigarette firm Phillip Morris which aimed to create the “dawn of a new day” for the tobacco industry by smearing anti-smoking groups as extremist.

Patel continued supporting the tobacco industry on being elected, voting in favour of ending the smoking ban in 2010 and speaking out against plain cigarette…

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