Nigel Farage Blames The Mail On Sunday For His Supporter’s Violent Attacks On Anti UKIP Activists

If you read the news on Hope Not Hate and the SlatUKIP sites, you’ll find that there’s been a spate of thuggish behaviour and violence by the Kippers towards the Labour party and its supporters. In this video put up by the Cat, Farage is challenged by a woman, who has suffered abuse and been spat at by people chanting ‘UKIP! UKIP!’. The Fuhrage’s reply is, ‘Nothing to do with me’. He states that they’re from a journalist working for the Daily Mail.

A likely story. Now the Mail does hate the Kippers with a vengeance, This is nothing to do with their policies and more to do with the threat they pose to the Mail’s beloved Tory party. Now the ethical standards of some of the Journos on the Mail does seem to be appalling low. Tom Pride over at Pride’s Purge has suffered harassment from them. A few weeks ago one was caught hanging around the grounds of a local hospital. He was hoping to run a piece on ‘party people’ wasting NHS resources on through injuries incurred while smashed. The hospital authorities weren’t impressed, and showed him the exit pronto. But somehow, I don’t think it’s due to the Mail here. Not this time.

Some of the violence and intimidation has come from the Far Right goons from the EDL and Britain First, who have decided that the Kippers represent their best bet of creating a pure white, Aryan England. Britain First has taken to goose-stepping about the streets as their enforcing, protecting them from attack from the Left. This has meant turning up and abusing and threatening Left-wing demonstrators. There’s a video, which I reblogged over on my site, which shows a group of Nazi thugs threatening Labour canvassers in Kent. The Nazi Kippers revile them with calls of ‘Paedophile appeasers!’

One of the Kipper’s own goons in South Thanet has beaten up a supporter for the Labour candidate, Scobie, because the fellow had the audacity to challenge his master. There’s simply too much evidence of Kipper violence for Fuhrage to shrug this off.

A general is responsible for the actions of his troopers. For all that the Purple Duce claimed his party was no sectarian and non-racist, with a ban on former members of the Far Right joining, the Kippers have done just that. There have been endless scandals where, one after another, Kippers have been outed as former members of the avowedly Nazi parties. They have never to my knowledge clarified or repudiated the weird relationship with Britain First. And even if they haven’t been Nazis themselves, too many of them have Nazi views, and reblogged Nazi propaganda.

If Fuehrer Nige had been serious about his claims to non-racism and being against religious bigotry, such as the Islamophobia which blights so many of his members, then he would have cleaned these members out long ago. Or they would never have been admitted in the first place. But he hasn’t, indicating that his party tacitly tolerates and encourages them. Only when they’re exposed in the press or become a public embarrassment, does the party then decide to expel them.

The goons that assaulted this lady are almost certainly some of Nige’s own. Viscount Rothermere and Paul Dacre are both thugs in their own kind of way, but they’re not responsible for this. The fault is Nige’s own.

Guy Debord's Cat

The Mail on Sunday? Seriously?


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