Exercise Your Political Rights: VOTE!

Today’s polling day, as I’m sure just about every one of my readers is aware. I’ve reblogged a number of memes from Vox Political over the past few days, urging people not to vote the Tories and Lib Dems back in. Mike’s posted another piece over on his site, simply asking people to vote. And he’s produced this graphic for further encouragement.

Vote Meme

Remember – the Tories and Lib Dems have reformed the registration system, just to prevent people from voting. This is how they view democracy, despite all the rhetoric about defending and promoting it through ‘localism’, or some such ideological camouflage. They fear it. Just have tyrants have always feared it.

So defy them. Don’t give in to apathy, or pessimism. Use your franchise.

The Francophone Swiss philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, said that the man, who votes, but doesn’t want anyone else to, wishes to be a master. The one, who doesn’t, wishes to be a slave.

The Tories are always keen to get their people to vote, and vote first. Because they do see themselves as the masters.

Mike’s short piece is over at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/05/07/at-long-last-election-day-is-here-vote/. Go there for further electoral encouragement.

But you don’t have to accept the status of slaves.

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3 Responses to “Exercise Your Political Rights: VOTE!”

  1. Exercise Your Political Rights: VOTE! – Beastrabban’s weblog | Vox Political Says:

    […] The Beast has supported Vox Political by reposting the image from this blog’s last article and exhorting his own readers to get out and vote for a better government than the last one. He writes: […]

  2. Andy Says:

    It would seem that regıstratıons are over 7% hıgher ın comparıson wıth 2010 so ıt would seem that the fears of some that ıt would prevent people fom votıng are unfounded.

  3. Chris Says:

    In fact. what happened is that the non-voters won a landslide victory again.

    If all the non-voters had voted for a single new party of the left, then that party would have 345 MPs (minimum threshold to rule UK parliament is 323-326 MPs) and the Tories and Labour would have shrunk to nothing.

    The newly registered must have voted Tory in England and Wales,
    or be the near 80 per cent turnout in Scotland.

    Women who turned 60 from 2013 and lost state pension payout for 6 years took themselves off the electoral roll.

    But it is women older than these who retire in this parliament’s reign, who will be hit with NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.

    See why at end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

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