ELECTION 2015: Why the Coalition must be defeated

This fascinating piece presents the Tories’ planned privatisation of the British government’s share of the Uranium enrichment firm Urenco, as a prime example of the government’s incompetence and folly. Not only is the government selling off a state investment that is massively profitable, but it also has profound security problems. The firm operates top secret nuclear centrifuges, that could be highly dangerous if they got into the wrong hands. The recent deal Obama struck with the Iranians in order to prevent them developing nuclear weapons involved massive cuts in the number of centrifuges that the Iranians were allowed to operate.

This case also shows how the Tories’ privatisations have also hit the working class. It’s not just the cuts to welfare benefits that are harming people, and the general campaign of austerity. It’s also the fact that much of the debt Britain has incurred has been produced by decades of Tory government selling off the national assets.

This is not accident. Tory ideology and personal greed demands that state enterprises be sold off to their friends – and themselves – in the private sector. The lack of revenue also allows them to ‘starve the beast’ – prevent more money going into the welfare state, and so give them an ideological pretext to inflict more cuts.



I could choose a thousand stories to make my argument – from the omnishambles budget to tuition fees, from the poor being forced to use food banks to disabled people dying after being declared “fit”, from badgers “moving the goalposts” to Andy Coulson. A thousand sleazy fuck-ups, probably more, lend themselves to the same narrative. But the polls are open and time is short, so I have chosen just one.

The story I have chosen to make my plea is neither the biggest nor the most dramatic. I have chosen it partly because it has gone largely unreported and partly because it encapsulates all the incompetence, cruelty, ruthlessness and ideologically imposed idiocy of this Coalition.

The government is trying to sell our stake in Urenco. Urenco is a joint venture between the UK, Holland and Germany (effectively – E.On, RWE). Each partner holds a third each giving them collective control…

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