More Memes Against Conservative-Lib Dem Killing of Disabled from Vox Political

Mike over at Vox Political has produced a couple more memes against Cameron’s and Clegg’s mass murder of the sick and disabled through their benefit reforms. Mike posted up a piece last Friday, letting his readers know that the Information Commissioner had finally ruled in his favour. The DWP was now required to release the information to him on the numbers of people, who died between 2011 and last year, while claiming invalidity benefit and ESA.

These figures give the lie to the Tory claim that those willing to work are being helped into employment, while those who can’t are being given the support they need.

These people died in misery, poverty and desperation, because the benefit simply wasn’t enough. If they were fortunate enough to get it, of course. Many didn’t. They were sanctioned for the most trivial and contrived of reasons.

Since being informed of the Commissioners’ decision, Mike has received now word from the DWP itself. They have not sent him the information he requested. He therefore states on his blog that he feels they intend to make him wait the full 35 days before sending him the information.

The reason? If they give him the information now, it might cost them the election. Too many people could be swayed by the horrifying fact that Cameron, Clegg, Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVile have killed an estimated 60,000 or more with his wretched benefit reforms.

There has also been little interest in this information from the mainstream media, although he says there have been some encouraging signs from certain editors.

He’s therefore produced these two memes to help get the word out to the public. He’s encouraging people to share them, so please, feel free to print ’em off, and post them up, whether in hard copy or on the Net.

The first meme shows how the number of people, who have officially died while receiving benefits, is probably on the tip of the iceberg.


The second meme lays out the case that for the disabled, voting Tory or Lib Dem in the election is like certain poultry voting for a certain seasonal feast.


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5 Responses to “More Memes Against Conservative-Lib Dem Killing of Disabled from Vox Political”

  1. Jeffery y Says:

    60,000 its going to be more than this alot more but will they show it im afraid theyl show doctored account but one has only to look back in history that summer of 41 action t4 have tbey to learned to cull the stock jeff3

  2. Editor Says:

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  3. Chris Says:



    Why has Labour not offered to implement a Statutory Instrument that with 28 days notice after 7 May, could amend the Coalition’s Pension Bills 2010-2014 (flat rate state pension 2016) and give all new pensioners some pension at all, please?

    Because now even Labour just offer
    WORK TIL YOU DIE OR STARVE IF YOU CAN’T forever in old age.

    See why at end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

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