Meme on Parties’ Positions on NHS Privatisation and State Support

I’ve been following the campaign of the people involved in the 38 Degrees internet campaign group to hold demonstrations and protests in Bristol against the privatisation of the NHS. They’ve sent me this little infographic showing where the parties stand on allowing private companies to bid for NHS contracts, and funding it properly through higher taxes.

NHS Parties Meme

Only the Greens and Labour wish to stop private companies bidding for NHS contracts, and fund it properly through higher taxation.

Tellingly, UKIP wish to allow private companies into the NHS, while the Lib Dems say they’re neutral on it.

The Tories claim they’re against, but frankly, I don’t believe a word of it. They’ve been privatising the NHS by stealth ever since they took power in 2010. Jeremy Hunt, one of the ministers or secretaries in charge, even said he stood in favour of its privatisation, while another Tory minister let the cat out the bag by saying that the if they won a second term, ‘The NHS as we know it would cease to exist’. The Tories then claimed he’d been misquoted, and that what he really said was that they would cut down on bureaucracy and cost.

But this is the Tories, who lie as easily as most people breathe.

Please bear all this in mind while voting tomorrow. And please feel free to share it, and help it spread to as many people as possible.


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4 Responses to “Meme on Parties’ Positions on NHS Privatisation and State Support”

  1. Edward Says:

    Only the Greens support the reversal of privatisation and the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015. Labour happy to continue with privatisation just without the forced competition element.

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  4. uppitymonkey Says:

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    This is useful to read as well as important, I feel.

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