Vox Political: An Open Letter to the People of Chingford

Mike over at Vox Political has published an anonymous open letter he’s been saving up since last December. It’s from a forty year old, disabled man appealing to the good people of Chingford not to vote Iain Duncan Smith back in. This poor fellow has been out of work for four years, and all that time he’s been subject to continual assessment and harassment by the DWP. He says it’s been hell. Anyone who’s had any contact with the DWP will agree. He urge people to go and vote, but not Conservative. He makes this appeal on behalf of everyone worried about whether they can heat their home this winter, and the old lady, who couldn’t even afford a mince pie. He also reminds us that people have died, thanks to the sanctions regime.

Chingford, as Mike informs us, is a Tory safe seat. IDS got in with a majority of 12,000. But this year is unusual, and it’s possible that if enough people vote, IDS may well be voted out.

If this shabby excuse for a mass-murderer is voted back in, however, the only hope is that the voters in other areas very definitely do not return Tories. Mike says

Remember: It doesn’t matter if your Tory seems nice, or capable, or reasonable, or safe – a vote for any Conservative is a vote to put Iain Duncan Smith back in charge of benefit-related genocide. Yes, it may be described in those terms. Why else would the DWP hide the number of benefit-related deaths, if that number isn’t shockingly high?

Enough is enough. Let’s put the prosperity of the nation before our own selfish, sectional interests and do something genuinely good at this election.

Alternatively, as the “open” letter asks, will you let him take your mum next year?

The article’s entitled Dear Chingford’: An open letter about Iain Duncan Smith, and it’s at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/04/29/dear-chingford-an-open-letter-about-iain-duncan-smith/.

Go and read it and help stop IDS murdering more people.

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