Supposedly ‘undecided’ BBCQT audience member set up company with Tory MP

Another case of the Tories lying in order to persuade the public that they’re on their side, and have genuine popular support. It’s all rather like the staged popular demonstrations under the old Soviet Union, or the claques in the Collosseum that duly clapped and applauded whenever Nero did or said anything. Really, this is a government that couldn’t tell the truth even if it wanted to. It really is what happens when media wonks and PR men take over government.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the BBC!)

A supposedly undecided businesswoman in the BBCQT audience – who strongly attacked Ed Miliband – set up her company with a Tory MP and signed the dodgy letter supporting the Tory Party.

Catherine Shuttleworth told the press that she was undecided about who to vote for:

BBCQT bias

Which is a bit strange, seeing as Shuttleworth last week declared her support for the Tory Party in their dodgy business letter:

bbcqt bias 1

And even more interestingly, Ms Shuttleworth set up her company – Savvy Marketing – with Tory MP for Harrogate Andrew Hanson Jones:

BBCQT bias 2

BBCQT bias3


It’s starting to look suspiciously like the BBC has been hoodwinked into allowing a Tory Party plant in its BBCQT audience.


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