Shameful: Scottish Charity Journal Publishes Terrorism Allegations Aimed At Boycott Workfare

Mr Void here refutes the allegations in Third Force News that Boycott Workfare’s campaign against the use of such forced labour constitutes ‘terrorism’. He points out that Boycott Workfare themselves don’t advocate or condone threats and violence, and that Glasgow the Caring City did not make any such allegation in their communications with the campaign group.

This seems to show that there are some people who feel very, very threatened by any organised protest or opposition to the use of workfare. So scared, in fact, that they are prepared to make false allegations of intimidation in order to discredit them.

the void

glasgow-bwAn astonishing piece of gutter journalism has been published by charity journal Third Force News which accuses Boycott Workfare of terrorism and says that charities have been blackmailed into pulling out of unpaid work schemes.

According to Robert Armour, the journalist behind the piece, three Scottish charities including Glasgow the Caring City, have been “blackmailed, intimidated and bullied by campaigners associated with Boycott Workfare”.  One charity goes even further saying anyone who challenges the campaign is “subjected to abuse and terrorism”.

The above picture is a message left on Boycott Workfare’s facebook page just two days before the article appeared and which shows that Glasgow the Caring City appear to take a very different view of Boycott Workfare to that presented by Third Force News.  They even encourage Boycott Workfare to communicate their positive message to others in the voluntary sector.  Which would be incitement to commit terrorism if…

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