Join The Week Of Action Against Workfare And Tell @bmstores What You Think

Johnny Void here reveals how workfare is being used to replace paid labour at B&M Stores, and appeals to people to join Boycott Workfare’s campaign against them. Forget all the rhetoric about training people to find jobs, this is the real purpose behind workfare: to supply cheap, slave labour to big business. As Mr Void reveals, this is nothing less than gross exploitation – the firm made £100 million last year, more than enough for them to employ real, paid staff, and give them a good salary and conditions. What’re the odds that as soon as any party looks like they’re going to end workfare, the Tories and their donors will start making a fuss about it all being ‘anti-business’, like they did and are doing with Miliband’s policy of ending non-dom tax status.

the void

BM-blog-image If you exploit us we will shut you down.

From Boycott Workfare

Take action against persistent workfare exploiters B&M Stores as part of the Week of Action vs Workfare and Sanctions!

B&M Stores has won an award from the workfare industry for their support for forced unpaid labour. The harsh reality of their involvement is exploitation of claimants – people working for nothing under the constant threat of sanctions – and workfare being used to reduce overtime and replace paid staff.

“B&M stores started using workfare Jan 2013. Receiving free labour and stopping overtime for employees with contracts. The people forced to do this free labour are not happy and neither are the other workers.”

Boycott Workfare has had several reports of reduced hours for paid staff as well as the practice of employing paid staff on a trial basis, sacking them after 12 weeks, and replacing them with workfare…

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