Henchman drags female candidate trying to debate Boris Johnson away from him

David Cameron has repeatedly shown himself to be a coward, who runs from honest debate. Witness the way he tried to alter the conditions of the leader debates, so he wouldn’t have to go one on one Ed Miliband, or indeed, any of them. It seems that Boris has the same instincts.

It also points to the fundamental intolerance right at the core of these men’s psyches. Cameron is infuriated if the lower orders dare to talk back to him. So apparently is Boris de Feffel Johnson. They’re aristos, who believe they have an unquestioned right to automatic obedience by the proles, and become angry when this deference is not granted.

One of the commenters, Nick, says that Mrs Huq is the mother of a Konnie. I wonder if this young lady is the former Blue Peter presenter and the wife of Charlie Brooker, the presenter of Screenwipe, Newswipe and the forthcoming Electionwipe. And if she is, I wonder if this is the real reason he has now offered an apology.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

A Tory henchman intimidated and manhandled a female Labour candidate who was attempting to debate with Boris Johnson.

Labour Parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton Rupa Huq was also hit in the face with leaflets by the thuggish looking man before being dragged away from Boris:

johnson henchman

The man apparently works for local Tory candidate Angie Bray – who later tweeted an apology and said she had now told the man to ‘step down’ in light of the incident.

My question is – why was Boris so reluctant to engage in debate and why did he do absolutely nothing to prevent the intimidation at the time?


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