UKIP candidate calls Gurkhas “parasites” and “mercenaries”

I would say that this shows the weird racism and xenophobia in UKIP almost at its most anti-patriotic and historically illiterate. Unfortunately, nearly every day brings news of another pronouncement by UKIP that is almost as stupid and offensive.

To most Brits, the Gurkhas are very far from mercenaries. They have fought courageously and proudly for Britain for over 150 years. This began after a battle between British and Nepalese forces, which impressed the Gurkha people that we were worthy warriors, with whom they could serve with honour.

Their contribution to Britain’s armed forces and their service fighting for us and with us is greatly valued by the British public. This was seen a few years ago when Joanna Lumley won a resounding victory for her campaign to get the public to lobby parliament to support Gurkha soldiers and their families.

Walker’s comments are especially offensive this week, when the British public’s thoughts will be with the Nepalese people following the devastating earthquake.

Looking down at the comments, there have been the usual claims that Walker’s Twitter account was hacked, and that this was a fake post by Joshua Bonehill. Well, it’s not impossible. The Yeovil Caudillo has a history of posting malign material under sockpuppets or under the guise of others in order to smear them. And he has recently done this to another Kipper. Unfortunately, it seems all too likely that this comes from Walker himself, following Raheem Kassam’s comment that Kippers will automatically claim their accounts have been hacked when their comments get them into hot water. Kassam is one of Farage’s advisors, so this pretty much comes from the horse’s mouth.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

UPDATE: Walker seems to have deleted his Twitter account – obviously hoping he got away with it. I imagine he’s going to pretty unhappy there are screenshots of his comments (see below).

Bill Walker – UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Aldershot – thinks Gurkhas and their families are parasites:

ukip gurkhas

Shortly after this, Walker also retweeted a comment from a colleague referring to Gurkhas as “mercenaries”:

mercenaries ghurkas


Wonder if it’s official UKIP policy that people who are prepared to risk their lives serving in the British Army are parasites?

Anyone fancy asking Nigel Farage?


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