Company demands Tories remove director’s signature from business letter

Yet more embarrassment for the Tory party as they try to pose as the party of the small businessman. The letter printed by the Telegraph purporting to come from 200 businessmen was also equally bogus. It now turns out that most of those, who signed that were friends of Sam Cam.

Not that we weren’t really warned about the Tory propensity for lies and falsehoods before. The Conservatives have lied their way through this parliament with false statements and doctored statistics. They lied so badly to get into power, that their election promises have been taken down and officially rubbed out of Tory history from their website.

We should have known how lightly the Tories value truth, honesty and open government from David Cameron’s job. Is he an economist? No. Political scientist? No. Businessman, like Michael Howard? Don’t be daft. He’s a PR man. His job is to spin, produce slanted news and doctor information to get the results he wants. He’s a professional liar, who runs a government of liars.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Oh dear.

Looks like the Tories’ letter supposedly from small business owners is already unravelling:

Tory business letter

It also appears the letter was mostly signed by Tory Party activists and people who don’t even own a business.

Not surprising that, seeing as real surveys show that most small and medium-sized business owners in fact prefer Labour:

Tories the party of business? Nope. More business owners support Labour


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