Tory candidate: I will never support ‘the Jew’ Miliband

This is truly shocking, considering the long campaign to kick the racists out of the mainstream political parties. Even in the Monday Club in the 1970s banned anti-Semites from becoming members , and opened their membership books up to the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Both Labour and the Conservatives have had prominent Jewish members. In the case of Labour, one of the most famous was the venerable Manny Shinwell. The Tories had a Jewish leader in the shape of Michael Howard in the 1990s.

Gulzabeen Afsar’s comment, including the use of the Arabic term for Jew, suggests that she’s been influence by the weird anti-Semitism that was imported into the Arab and Muslim world from Nazi Germany during World War II, and which has gained massive currency in the Dar al-Islam after the foundation of Israel. wherever the anti-Semitism comes from, this is an extremely sinister development, and if the Tories had any integrity, they’d discipline Afsar immediately.

For all Cameron’s ostentatious displays of trying to kick racism out of the Tories, such as throwing out those members with links to the NF and BNP, this shows it’s still very much alive. And it’s especially dangerous in UKIP, very many of whose members have made it clear that they would not support a Jewish Prime Minister.

It’s amazing that 200 years after Disraeli this attitude is till around in this country.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

A Tory council candidate has said on Facebook that she would never support “The Jew” Ed Miliband.

Tory candidate Gulzabeen Afsar referred to Ed Miliband as “Al Yahud“- which means “The Jew” in Arabic:

tory jew miliband

Here’s the full story from the Jewish News:

EXCLUSIVE: Tory council candidate: I’d never support ‘the Jew’ Miliband

It’s unthinkable I know, but some of the right-wing attacks on Miliband during the election – bacon sandwiches, backstabbing etc – have had nasty anti-semitic undertones:

‘Backstabber’ is an historical antisemitic insult: Tory campaign turns nasty

Could the vitriolic attacks on Ed Miliband be because he’s Jewish?

But perhaps it seems – not so unthinkable after all?


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