UK makes £463 every second in revenues from EU migrants

Mr Pride here gives the latest figures showing that rather than being a net drain on Britain’s finances, EU migrants instead are contributors. He also points out that if an Australian points style immigration system were introduced, St George definitely would not be let into the country.

Don’t expect UKIP to respond to this news anytime soon though. Others have been making the same point before about migrants contributing more to the UK economy than they take out. The Kippers, however, don’t even seem to bother trying to refute the figures. They just seem to ignore them and carry on with the same old rhetoric. There’s a very revealing tweet about the Kipper mindset on this point over at SlatUKIP. This consists of a Kipper asking what it is with academics asking for facts and logic. He then simply states that he will stick to his views.

So, the Kippers prefer to ignore arguments based on fact and logic. Historians and political scientists have pointed to the role of irrationalism in the formation of Fascism at the end of the 19th century, when intellectuals revolted against reason and urged a politics based on emotion, intuition and will. And now almost a hundred years later, the Kippers, by their own confession, are embracing pretty much the same worldview.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

According to a new report – compiled by company formation agents Rapid Formations – the UK is making £463 per second in revenues from EU migrants.

The report also shows that European migrants are better educated, better paid and pay more in taxes than the average domestic-born worker.

The report can be seen in full here:

Investigation into financial impact of European immigration in the UK

It’s good to have some real facts and figures about immigration for a change, instead of the usual xenophobic ignorance we get from most of the UK press.

By the way, while on the subject of immigration it’s worth pointing out on St George’s Day that under UKIP’s proposed point system – as a professional soldier from Syria with no family connections to this country – St George wouldn’t have been allowed into the UK.


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