Vote Labour to Get Murdoch Out!

According to the Indie, Rupert Murdoch has told the hacks in News International to redouble their efforts to stop ‘Red’ Ed Miliband getting into No. 10. The paper quoted the Dirty Digger as saying, ‘If he gets in, we’re finished.’

In my opinion, this is another reason why every decent person in this country should go out and vote for Miliband.

Murdoch, and to a lesser extent the other Fleet Street press barons, have been a pernicious influence on this country, and indeed, across three continents, ever since he turned up in the 1970s to buy the Herald, as the Sun then was, and then the Times. The quality of the journalism went down, while extreme nationalism went up, along with an extremely anti-working class bias. Recent biographies have Murdoch have pointed out that his goals have been consistent, despite him notoriously changing from supporting one party to another. He has always demanded the destruction of trade unions and the privatisation of the NHS, as well as gaining a monopolistic control of the press and television networks for himself. Hence his frequent rants at the BBC, parroted ad nauseam by his obedient puppets in the Sun and Times. He’d like that sold off too, to be bought either by himself, or for his companies to fill the broadcasting vacuum left by its demise.

In the 1980s and for part of the 1990s he loudly promoted Maggie at every opportunity. Then he decided that Tony Bliar would be far more agreeable to his ambitions, and so switched allegiance to New Labour. Commenters have described Blair’s concern for the opinions of the press barons as entirely malign. Murdoch was an unseen, spectral presence at every cabinet meeting with the Prime Minister wondering how the latest policy would go down with Rupe, and he was also keen to win over Dacre and the Mail. Blair himself probably didn’t need much help in pushing Labour towards pretty much the same neo-Liberal economic stance as the Tories, but Murdoch’s assistance acted to encourage him further to move in that direction.

The press sees itself as the ‘Fourth Estate’, holding politicians to account in the absence of more effective political checks and balances. But the Indie’s columnist reporting Murdoch’s remarks today turned this assumption on its head. Rather than promoting democracy and political accountability, they had actually worked against it by manipulating public opinion.

If, despite Murdoch’s best efforts, the Tories lose this election, it will mean that the press has lost some of its immense power. And that will actually be good for democracy.

So, let’s get Murdoch out of No. 10. Vote for Miliband!

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4 Responses to “Vote Labour to Get Murdoch Out!”

  1. Florence Says:

    The Murdoch / Maggie thing was about mutual benefit – she gifted him BSatelliteB to become BSkyB, increasing the consumer choice (not).

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for reminding me about that. You’re right. And he repaid her in spades, especially during the Falklands War.

  2. lawrencesroberts Says:

    Reblogged this on idontbelieveitagain.

  3. Pension60 Says:



    326 MP minimum threshold to form a UK parliament, by the rules of UK government.

    Labour only got around 250 MPs last election, so cannot possibly make up the numbers.

    Lib Dems can fall even down to 19 MPs from the around 50 MPs they had in 2010.

    Tories predicted to fall from the 300 MPs they won in 2010 (still below the legal minimum so they did not win either) down to 264 Tory MPs.

    So the Tories, being the sitting government, are obliged by the law to remain in power and rule as a caretaker government.


    The SNP and Plaid Cymru are vital to win in their regional Celt nations, to protect the poor, from the bottom of the average wage down to zero, of all ages.

    97 per cent of the poor are poor pensioners and the working poor of all ages, including the over 60s, denied state pension payout especially as women.

    Mebyon Kernow in Cornwall could also help its own poor, being amongst the poorest part of England.

    Cornwall has the most slim marginals of Tory and Lib Dem MPs. No Labour MPs.


    277 Labour seats prediction for May.

    Labour will fall far below that number with
    Plaid Cymru surge from 3 MPs to 40 in Wales and
    SNP surge to cover all 59 MPs in Scotland.

    SNP / Plaid Cymru is a powerful anti austerity coalition of 99 MPs, in a support and confidence case by case system that they are offering, the most powerful kind of kingmakers in the UK government.

    Most powerful because this is already a severe hung parliament.

    This cuts 29 Labour seats from Wales
    and 40 Labour seats from Scotland.


    See more about what the SNP and Plaid Cymru offer on my website:

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