Grant Shapps Accused by Wikipedia of Making Political Alterations

Also in today’s Indie was a story about Grant Shapps, who has been accused by Wikipedia of altering and editing the entries on the on-line encyclopedia about himself and other politicians. These were to make them more favourable to him and other members of the Conservative party, and more negative about their political opponents. Wikipedia’s editors said that the alterations were either done by Shapps, or by someone acting on his behalf.

Shapps, as you might expect, has denied this.

My guess is that Wikipedia’s probably right. Apart from the fact that they’d have a bit more information that might help them to identify some of the people making alterations to their encyclopedia, Shapps has got previous for misleading the public. He was after all running a highly dodgy business offering to tell you how to get rich quick under the false name of Mr Michael Green. This is fraud under the meaning of the act, yer honour. He also lied, and claimed that he had stopped trading under the name when he began his parliamentary career, when this was exposed by one of the papers.

And it also isn’t as though the Tory party isn’t above rewriting the past when it suits them. about a year or so ago the press revealed that the Tories were so embarrassed by the all the broken promises they had made in the run-up to the 2010 election, that they had started erasing them from their website. Fortunately, someone else had come along to take screenshots of them, thus stopping this latest Orwellian manoeuvre from the party of Thatcherite Big Brothers.

And Mike posted a little piece a little while ago also suggesting the Tories were behind attempts to hack into left-wing blogs and websites in an attempt to take them down.

Given all this circumstantial evidence, I’d say that Wikipedia are almost certainly right. If it isn’t Shapps himself, it’s certain one of his minions. It shows the totalitarianism at the heart of the modern Tory party: no independent sources of information are allowed. All must conform, by hook or by crook, to the diktats of Tory Central Office. Which by their behaviour should now be renamed the ‘Ministry of Truth’.

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