Local Tories in Wellingborough turn on their Tory candidate Peter Bone

There’s nothing like a nice juicy scandal and a bit of political infighting. And it really couldn’t happen to a more deserving party than the Tories. Well, perhaps UKIP and the Far Right, but as they’ve got problems of their own and aren’t in any position to win a majority like the Tories, it’s better that this all broke out to hamper them.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

There seems to be a bit of a meltdown in the true blue constituency of Wellingborough as local Tories are turning on their MP of 10 years Peter Bone.

Amazingly, a website has been set up by local Tories accusing Bone of expenses ‘scandals’ and even urging local Tories not to vote for him:

The Truth About Peter

Looks like some juicy stuff about Bone is about to be aired – just in time for the election.

I’ll keep you informed ……


Big thanks to @YourWishIsMyCommand for the heads up on this.


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