Janner’s Alzheimers and his Request to Keep his Seat in the House of Lords

Guy Debord’s Cat makes a number of very interesting points in his reblog of the post on theneedleblog, ‘Janner Request to Keep Seat in Lords’. According to the Sunday Times, Greville Janner has requested to keep his seat in the House of Lords. He has not taken his seat in the House since he was raided by the police 16 months ago.

The Cat points out that this is very interesting, considering the ruling that Janner’s dementia is too severe for him to face trial on charges of child abuse. The I newspaper stated in its report on the ruling that these were allegedly of the most severe form. The Cat goes on to remind his readers that the same ruling – that they were unfit to stand trial because of dementia due to Alzheimer’s – was also the reason that Ernest Saunders and General Pinochet were never actually prosecuted when they were arrested. Saunders, who was arrested for corruption in the Guinness case back in the late 1980s, made a miraculous recovery, as did General Pinochet.

Those who genuinely suffer from the disease don’t.

The Cat’s comments and his reblog are at https://buddyhell.wordpress.com/2015/04/19/janner-request-to-keep-seat-in-lords/

Janner’s request thus seems to suggest that he too does not suffer from the disease, or if he does, not so much that he thinks he cannot return to the Lords’ sometime in the future. If so, he is very, very gravely mistaken. The scandal about high ranking paedophiles, who have escaped justice thanks to their political connections has gone too far. If Janner were to make a complete recovery, or to ‘recover’ to such an extent that he did return to the Upper House, my guess is that popular anger would be so great that the Lords simply could not afford to admit him. It’s facing further reform as it is, and Janner’s return would totally discredit it, the peerage and the system of political patronage and appointments on which it is based. At best, further reforms would be demanded. At worst, the entire House would be abolished and replaced with a senate.

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