Nick Clegg Wants Even More Debt For The Young, Why Is This Dick Still Talking?

Earlier this week the ‘I’ published an article stating that support for the Lib Dems had practically been wiped out amongst students. Instead of voting Liberal, they were instead turning to Labour and the Greens. It’s not hard to see why. Clegg’s decision to raise tuition fee means that many students will face debts of around £27,000 at least for three years of study, if the fees are around £9,000 per year, never mind living costs. Given this level of debt, all but the richest students will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to buy their own homes after graduating.

As for his decision to make further loans available, so people could put the deposit for a tenancy, this ultimately has its origins in the Tory reforms of the benefits system. Before Thatcher and Major altered the system, the very poorest on the dole could get government grants to help them purchase absolutely necessary items, like cookers, and carpets where they had children and the bare boards could constitute a danger. Under the Tories, this system was altered to loans, that had to be repaid by being gradually deducted from their benefit over a period of months or years. When I was working in the Benefits Agency over twenty years ago, many of the older civil servants criticised this system for contributing to the continuation of poverty. In their view, it was better to return to the grants system.

Part of the reason for the continued popularity of pushing loans and debt onto people is the benefits this has for the bankers. They are guaranteed a continuing income from what is now a permanently indebted workforce. And so the people of Britain, under the pretence of making them sturdy and self-reliant, are turned into a nation of bonded debt slaves to the banks and financiers.

The same banks and financiers that are so keen to sponsor political parties, and from whose ranks the leadership of those parties are drawn. Like the Lib Dems.

the void

NickClegg-looking-like-a-dickWhen Nick Clegg was negotiating with the two main parties after the hung election he could, if he had really cared, insisted on scrapping tuition fees before entering a coalition agreement.  At the very least he could have argued for fees to be reduced, or even frozen over the course of the Parliament.

But instead he threw away the educational chances of a generation in favour of a stupid referendum on what wasn’t even Proportional Representation when it came to the vote.  And he lost.  Because he is a dick.  Remember that if you have recently graduated with a huge debt.  Every time you make a payment remember you are in debt because Nick Clegg is a dick.

Now he wants young people sucked even further into debt by luring them into taking out huge loans to pay for a deposit on a tenancy agreement.  Deposits that will be far…

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