Russell Brand doorsteps Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere to ask him about his tax arrangements

This is another trailer for the Emperor’s New Clothes, where Russell Brand and the director Michael Winterbottom follow in the footsteps of the ‘capped crusader’ Michael Moore, and use film to tackle social injustice and show up the venal, exploitative powerful. The piece where Brand attempts to doorstep Lord Rothermere is only a short clip. It simply consists of Brand standing at Rothermere’s very grand gates, draping them with posters saying that those who live in England should pay tax in England, while trying to get an interview with Rothermere over the intercom.

A few weeks ago I posted a piece from Private Eye examining Lord Rothermere’s non-dom tax status, and how he was using it to avoid paying millions of tax on the stately home he was building in the south of England. This has been far and away the most popular single piece on my blog recently. There’s a lot of people, who’d like to see Rothermere answer questions about his hypocrisy and the contempt he has for the ‘little people’ who pay the taxes to support him in his luxury.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail)

I’m not normally one to plug films, but I have to admit Russell Brand’s new documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes looks interesting.

Particularly the parts where he tackles bankers face-to-face about bonuses and doorsteps Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere about his tax arrangements as a nondom tax exile.

Here’s a clip:

The film will have special screenings nationwide on 21st April followed by a live Q&A with Russell prior to its wide cinema release on 24th April.


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