How dense are UKIP Bristol?

The good people at Exposing UKIP here reveal just how thick and mendacious UKIP Bristol. They tweeted a fake picture slandering Diane Abbott as an anti-White racist put up by comedy Fuhrer Joshua Bonehill, and continued to promote it even after they were told it was a fake. They’ve since taken it down and apologised.

This is the branch of UKIP that got very shirty when a Bristol teacher lumped them in with the Nazis and the Far Right as an example of a racist group. As they had ‘liked’ material put up on Facebook by Far Right groups, and much of their rhetoric is venomously racist, it’s pretty clear the teacher had a point.

This is also the branch of the Kippers, whose respect for this country’s culture is so high, that they chose a porn baron to represent them in Stockwood in Bristol. A man, who was threated with legal action by UWE for shooting one of his grubby flicks on the university’s campus.

Goebbels has returned! And this time he’s taken up making adult movies! The Third Reich would be so proud.

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