Daily Mail describes Tory campaign as ‘floundering’ – then hurriedly deletes article

The Daily Mail once again shows itself to be the Pravda of the Tory party, where no independent thinking or critical comment is every allowed to tarnish the image of the glorious leader. And this also shows how truly desperate the Tories must be, if they felt that they had to censor the Daily Mail to stop negative publicity.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

The Daily Mail last night published a highly critical article describing the Tories’ election campaign as ‘floundering’.

By this morning however, someone from Tory HQ had obviously had a strong word or two and the article was deleted – replaced with a much more flattering puff piece praising Cameron’s new policy announcements and using the word ‘dull’ to describe his campaign instead.

Obviously, Daily Mail bosses hoped the late night changes wouldn’t have been noticed.

Unfortunately for them, however, many of the newspapers’ partners across the world had already filed copies of the article, using the original wording:

mail story deleted



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