“He stabbed his brother in the back”…

The Cat here dismantles the Tory claim that Ed Miliband somehow ‘stabbed his brother in the back’, another ridiculous ad hominem attack from a party that seems to prefer the personal smear rather than any kind of higher argument. He points out it comes from Michael Fallon, a Tory MP who claimed his mortgage payments on expenses, which is completely against the rules.

He also points out that the Tory criticisms of Labour’s stance on Trident is wrong. Labour is correct to reject it. It is too expensive, and is effectively under the complete control of the US. Clearly, the Tories don’t care about the nuclear deterrent being independent, just so long as we have nuclear weapons.

And the Cat is also correct when he says that it is contradictory for the Tories to claim that the NHS is too expensive, while wanting to fork out hundreds of billions for Trident. But then, the arms industry has traditionally been one of the backbones of the Tory party, so no conflict of interest there.

Guy Debord's Cat

One narrative the Tories are keen to push is the notion that Ed Miliband “stabbed his brother in the back” to become leader of the Labour Party. I’ve heard some ridiculous things in my time, but this claim that Ed “stabbed his brother in the back” is rubbish. Did David Cameron stab David Davis in the back to become leader of the Conservative Party, or does this rule only apply when two brothers contest a party’s leadership?

If I were to play my brother at chess and I win the game, have I “stabbed my brother in the back”? No, I beat him fair and square. This narrative that Ed Miliband used nefarious means to become leader appears to have been drawn from a notional understanding of classical Greek tragedy, yet the idea itself is worthy of a bad Whitehall farce scripted by Lynton Crosby.

Today, Michael Fallon resurrected this…

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